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Dear Geneious user,
Geneious pro 2.0 has arrived!

Geneious pro, available from www.geneious.com features collaboration, sequence
alignment <http://www.geneious.com/> editing, ClustalW and more. The
original Geneious has also been enhanced and is free for academic use,
forever. With our new API you can now plugin new modules to both Geneious
versions yourself

Improvements to Geneious

   - Revamped user interface
   - Improved search and agents
   - Public API (application programming interface for 3rd party plugins)

   - Support for additional commonly used import/export file formats

Major enhancements to Geneious pro include

   - Ability for Geneious users to collaborate and share data
   - Manual sequence editing
   - Annotation editing
   - Sequence alignment via profile of Alignment and Sequence or two
   - ClustalW
   - Open reading frame (ORF) finder
   - New sequence creation
   - Chromatogram visualization

Chief Scientist Alexei Drummond says Geneious is establishing itself as the
tool of choice for molecular biologists wanting access to advanced
bioinformatics without having to themselves be a bioinformatician.

Suddenly things that were hard are becoming incredibly easy.

*The power of collaboration*

Geneious pro lets you collaborate using P2P technology (the technology
behind the telephony product Skype) Geneious' P2P allows you to share
sequences, publications and other bioinformatics data as easily as using a
telephony package.

*Geneious Plugins*

With the introduction of the Public
the power to extend Geneious and Geneious pro is now in your hands! New
plugins can now be easily added to Geneious with a Java API. With this
powerful new facility you can extend the Geneious platform to connect to
proprietary databases, implement new file formats and connect to existing
bioinformatics software. Bioinformatics is too big for us to do it all


For those of you that like ClustalW, you can now run fast ClustalW
alignments from within Geneious pro. And with the power of Geneious, this
has the unique benefit of remembering annotations if they existed on the
original sequences!

You can purchase a
Geneious pro from $133.

(c)2006 Biomatters Limited. All rights reserved.
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