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University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
National Bioinformatics Network

  SABionf 2007:   Southern African Workshop on Bioinformatics

                    24-26 January 2007


This will be the first in an annual series of bioinformatics workshops
and conferences hosted by the South African bioinformatics community
under the auspices of the National Bioinformatics Network. The
University of the Witwatersrand is pleased to be the host of the first

Papers and posters are sought in all areas of bioinformatics and
computational biology. We hope to have a good spread of papers from
all the disciplines that contribute to bioinformatics.

Relevant dates:

  -- Paper submissions: 25 October 2006

  -- Voluntary early submission of posters: 25 November

  -- Notification of acceptance: 28 November 2006

  -- Camera-ready copy due: 15 December 2006

  -- Poster submissions: 3 January 2007

Details of paper submissions

Papers can be submitted in two categories: research paper or
work-in-progress paper. Both will be refereed though the latter to a
lighter standard. Paper proceedings will be published and will contain
the research papers in full as well as abstracts of the
work-in-progress papers. Full versions of all papers will be included
on a CD and published on the conference web site. Research and W-i-P
papers should be no more than 8 and 4 pages in length respectively
(A4, Times 11pt, single spacing).

Posters submitted by the early deadline will be reviewed and the
authors given feedback. Abstracts of the reviewed posters will be
included in the proceedings, but those that are not reviewed will not

Full instructions for submission and registration can be found on the
conference web site.

Programme Committee

   Co-chairs: Scott Hazelhurst & Michèle Ramsay, Wits. Members: Alia
   BenKahla, Institut Pasteur, Tunis; Dan Jacobson, NBN Central;
   Daniel Masiga, ICIPE, Nairobi; Fourie Joubert, Pretoria; Greg
   Blatch, Rhodes; Heikki Lehväslaiho, SANBI; Hugh Murrell,
   KwaZulu-Natal; Hugh Patterton, Free State; Jannie Hofmeyr,
   Stellenbosch; Judith Bishop, Pretoria; Junaid Gamieldien, NBN
   Central; Nicky Mulder, Cape Town; Winston Hide, SANBI

Organising committee: Scott Hazelhurst Jonathan Burke Pierre Durand
   Brenda Lacey-Smith Khayeni Ndlovu Andries Oelofse Michèle Ramsay
   Christine Rey

Jaco de Ridder         | Tel +27 12 420 5842
Dept Biochemie         | Fax +27 12 362 5302
Universiteit van Pretoria, RSA
E-mail: jaco.de.ridder at bioagric.up.ac.za

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Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (ASBCB). The ASBCB does therefore
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