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Subject: ISCB CALL FOR MENTORS: E-mentoring opportunity - just 20 minutes
per week
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Earlier this year ISCB joined as a partner society of MentorNet, the award
winning e-mentoring program, to gain access for our student members who
could benefit from this type of mentoring.  There are currently some ISCB
member protégés awaiting a mentor match, and this is where our professional
members can directly contribute to our more junior members in an important

For Mentors, the MentorNet One-on-One Mentoring Programs are a chance to
make a big difference in the life of a student in as little as 20 minutes a

MentorNet seeks science and engineering professionals in industry and
government, either currently active, on leave, or retired, to mentor
engineering and science community college, undergraduate, and graduate
students, who are interested in pursuing a professional future in the fields
of engineering and science.

MentorNet also seeks tenured faculty members to mentor graduate students,
postdocs and untenured faculty pursuing faculty careers.

Though mentors volunteer their time to benefit the protégé, they can also
find a rewarding experience for themselves.  "I hope [my student] is getting
as much out of it as I am," is how one MentorNet mentor puts it. Well over
90% of participants would recommend MentorNet's e-mentoring programs to a
friend or colleague.

Mentoring relationships last 8 months. Because mentors and students
communicate entirely by email, they can communicate wherever and whenever
they choose. MentorNet's research-based programs have proven effective by
providing "real world" information, encouragement, advice, and access to
networks for students, and particularly for those underrepresented in
engineering and science fields.  "My mentor always gives me the
encouragement that I need," says one MentorNet student.  "Sometimes those
few words make a big difference to me."

How can you volunteer to be a mentor?

1) Join the MentorNet Community

2) Follow the One-on-One Mentoring Programs links to create a mentor

3) Be sure to indicate you are an ISCB member for the potential to be
matched only with an ISCB protégé

How can you sign up as a protégé?

1) Be sure you are a current student/trainee member of ISCB

2) Follow steps one and two above, but select the protégé link instead of
the mentor link

3) Upon verification of your membership status you will be eligible a mentor

For more information about MentorNet, please visit their web pages at *
www.MentorNet.net* <http://www.MentorNet.net>  (please note the .net rather
than .com which would lead you to a website hosting and development company)

Since 1998, MentorNet has matched more than 17,000 protégés and mentors with
strong results.  We hope you will join them!

MentorNet's sponsors include 3M Foundation, Alcoa Foundation, Agilent
Technologies, Argonne National Laboratory, Bechtel Foundation, Cisco
Systems, GE Global Research, Google, Hewlett-Packard Company, IBM
Corporation, Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Los Alamos National Laboratory,
National Science Foundation, Naval Research Laboratory, NVIDIA, Sandia
National Laboratories, SAP, Schlumberger, S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation,
Symantec, and Texas Instruments.


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