[CD-HIT] CD-HIT Project Web Page

Dan Bolser dmb at bioinformatics.org
Wed Jun 9 12:38:16 EDT 2010

Hi Singh,

Unfortunately the website provides this out of date email address for
reporting bugs.

The correct address is now cd-hit-l at bioinformatics.org (CC'ed).
Hopefully one of the developers on that list can help debug your

All the best,

On 9 June 2010 16:55, Dr. Harpreet Singh <hsingh at bmi.icmr.org.in> wrote:
> Hi
> I am trying to run cdhit cdhit-v4.0-2010-04-20. The program compiles
> without any error. but when I try to run I get error
> Can't exec "./cd-hit-div": No such file or directory at
> ./cd-hit-2d-para.pl line 122.
> can not open output files for write at ./cd-hit-div.pl line 14.
> Can you please help me with this?
> thanks
> --
> Harpreet Singh PhD
> Postdoctoral Research Associate
> Computational Biology Service Unit
> Life Sciences Core Laboratories Center
> Cornell University
> 619 Rhodes Hall
> Ithaca, NY  14853
> e-mail: hsingh at cornell.edu
> phone: 607-255-2528

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