[cmview-devel] SVN repo moved

Jose Duarte jose.duarte at psi.ch
Thu Nov 4 05:04:54 EDT 2010

Ok then let's wait until next week.

Surely this is more of a problem if we require not only that resource 
file but also data in the MySQL database. As a matter of fact when I try 
to open the residue environment explorer here, it just crashes 
altogether, basically because the connection to the database is 
hard-coded somewhere.

So now that you are at it, it might be at good idea to re-think that 
somehow. Even in experimental mode it should be possible to run it 
everywhere. This is important especially because I assume that some time 
soon we won't have the db server at MPI anymore and then the program 
could become unusable. It can either be by having data into more flat 
files or by having some kind of database that's possible to distribute. 
Anyway it will be good to have all that as a separate download from the 
code as it is so much data. And surely to keep the necessary data down 
to the minimum essential.

Anyway keep us posted!


On 11/03/2010 10:44 PM, lappe wrote:
> Before Corinna left we discussed that, also coming to the conclusion this
> should be
> separated from the "standard distribution" and maybe not be in the
> repository by default.
> The precomputed environments should, if not already done, only be
> available as with
> experimental features = true. Corinna will probably be visiting next
> monday, would you like
> to wait until then or already take it out now? Maybe on monday we can test
> if the
> checkout/in from bioinformatics.org of the "split" version works and fix a
> few things.
> Open to suggestions there ... cheers .\\ichael

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