[cmview-devel] CMView downloads and CGAP website

Henning Stehr stehr at molgen.mpg.de
Mon Jan 24 09:51:14 EST 2011

Dear developers,

we have checked the apache logs and found that CMView-1.1rc3 has been
downloaded six times during the last week alone. So maybe there are
more users than we know. Of course, some of them could also be
reviewers of the article ;)

For those of you who want to try out the amazing CGAP plugin (C_ontact
G_eomtry A_nalysis P_lugin), we now have a webpage with installation
instructions and data files for download. Beware though that using the
full functionality involves setting up a local MySQL database. The
page is not linked from the CMView main page yet because it's still
experimental but you can try it out here:


I'm planning to move the files to bio.cc later (which is another
server we have access to) and then add a link from the CMView website.


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