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Ioannis Filippis filippis at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 18:07:35 EDT 2011


do we have support for interfaces in underlying OWL and it is just a matter
of adding functionality in cmview?


On 7 July 2011 14:26, Jose Duarte <jose.duarte at psi.ch> wrote:

> Hi all
> Yet another tool for contact map visualization. The web server is quite
> nice
> https://www.molnac.unisa.it/**BioTools/cocomaps/view.psp<https://www.molnac.unisa.it/BioTools/cocomaps/view.psp>
> This one is for protein-protein interfaces, which nicely links it to my
> current project... Actually I'm thinking contact maps could be useful for
> analysing interfaces. If I get time at some point I might consider
> implementing this in cmview, which should be quite straightforward.
> Jose
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