[cmview-devel] Fwd: Bug report - PyMol frequently crashing when used by CMView

Henning Stehr stehr at molgen.mpg.de
Fri Nov 4 04:21:03 EDT 2011

Hi all,

I am forwarding a message from Michael with a bug report by an
otherwise happy user of CMView.


Begin forwarded message:

Dear all -

finally I am getting near the bottom of the pile -
sorry for not forwarding / responding earlier (mea culpa)

I couldn't reproduce the error Thomas mailed me -
but I am running cmview 1.1.rc6 with pymol 1.2r2
so is the new pymol the cuplprit?

A wild guess would be that the feature of highlighting the
current contact in the 3D view creates a memory problem/leak in pymol ...
just don't know if there's a simple switch in cmview-config file to
turn that off.

hope that helps with bugtracking, cheers .\\ichael

Begin forwarded message:

From: Thomas Hopf <thomas.hopf at gmail.com>

Date: September 26, 2011 6:52:28 PM GMT+02:00

To: Michael Lappe <drmlappe at googlemail.com>

Cc: deboramarks at gmail.com

Subject: CMView/MacPyMOL crashes

Dear Dr Lappe,

thanks for providing the CMView software, it is really good and
useful. However, I have some trouble using it because it crashes

The crash occurs 100% reproducibly after some time (few minutes), in
which I do nothing else but selecting some of the contacts in CMView
and rotating the protein in MacPymol. At some point, MacPymol crashes
and the CMView process has to be killed because it puts the CPU under
heavy load. I attached both the console output by CMView 1.1.1 and the
log given by MacOS 10.6.8 upon MacPymol 1.3 crashing.

Hope this helps in identifying the problem.

Best wishes,

Thomas Hopf

Am 26.09.11 11:38, schrieb Debora Marks:


Hi there !!

You may want to re-login to the web page I gave you a while back to
see the updated paper and supplement. Its really changed so I
recommend it

In the meanwhile, Thomas, a student of mine, is having some 'crashing
' issues with CMView ( which is GREAT) and will drop you a line about


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