[cmview-devel] Permission to cite pictures on your website

Duarte Gamero Jose Manuel Jose.Duarte at psi.ch
Mon Apr 9 06:05:43 EDT 2012

Dear Liang

Sorry for the late reply. Surely you can go ahead and use the pictures as long as you cite them. I'd say the best way to cite is by giving the web site and even better citing the paper that appeared in Bioinformatics:

CMView: Interactive contact map visualization and analysis
Corinna Vehlow; Henning Stehr; Matthias Winkelmann; Jose M. Duarte; Lars Petzold; Juliane Dinse; Michael Lappe
Bioinformatics 2011; doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btr163



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I am a Ph.d student in University of Georgia. I am in RNA informatics group
working with Dr.Liming Cai.
We want to give a brief introduction of contact map in our recent paper. We
found that the pictures in the
tutorial part of CMView website are very helpful to explain the concept. We
wonder could we import three
of the pictures directly into out paper and cite the source. We appreciate
any response and wish to get
permission from you. Thanks.

Best regards,
Liang Ding


Liang Ding
Graduate Student
Department of Computer Science
University of Georgia
Email: adamdingliang at gmail.com

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