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Power up your business communications     
with the Ektron Intranet     

The Ektron Intranet, based on Ektron CMS400.NET,     
can make your intranet the "go-to" source for the     
collaborative creation and managed distribution of     
important business documents.    


Learn more about...  

- Web 2.0 and Social Networking: Deploy the latest online technology with minimal development.    

- Empowering Business Users: Remove IT bandwidth issues by putting the power to create and edit Web content into business users' hands.    

- Communications Platform: Easily build and offer wikis, blogs, and forums.   

- Open Architecture: Utilize the extensive out-of-the-box features, or customize both the presentation and functionality.    

- Enterprise Search: Discover how taxonomy can turn search into a highly effective form of navigation.    

- Personalization: Allow site users to organize and find information the way they are used to.    

- Collaboratation: Streamline content and document management to create a true collaboration workspace.    


What do you want your website to do?     
Do it with Ektron CMS400.NET!

Ektron, Inc . 542 Amherst Street . Nashua, NH 03063 . +1 (866) 4-EKTRON

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