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Introducing SmartStream from IT Solution Journal

Dear InternetSeer Subscriber,

As an IT industry leader, I'd like to invite you to be one of the first to experience the power of IT Solution Journal SmartStream at no charge. 

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Smart Stream is the first online "learning" journal that provides customized content based on each reader's individual interests. Now you can cancel your paper and online subscriptions and let Smart Stream be your personal agent to gather the exact IT content you need.

* Industry news, editorials, case studies and academic research are classified by subject and type.
* Smart Stream creates an individualized profile for each reader based on click through.
* Smart Stream delivers customized content based on the reader's interests.
* Additional stories are rotated in to determine new areas of interest.
* The best way to customize Smart Stream is by simply using it. As you click on content, your Smart Stream automatically tunes itself.  
* Special resource offers are presented that match your technical interest profile.
* Just click the stories you like. We can't wait to learn exactly what you want.

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