[Fragsize-info] Filmmakeraccessories.com introduces industry standard DSLR Shoulder Brace

Filmmaker Accessories sales at filmmakeraccessories.com
Tue Apr 20 00:39:15 EDT 2010

For Immediate Release

Hollywood, CA - March 1, 2010 

http://www.filmmakeraccessories.com is introducing a new line of affordable professional Film/Video, DSLR, and other camera related accessories.  

The new line of products features the SD Camera Brace which is for use with video DSLR cameras, including the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EOS Rebel T1i, Nikon D90, D300s, Panasonic HVX200, Panasonic Lumix HG1 and hundreds of other cameras. 

The SD Camera Brace is the best DSLR solution on the market at just $249.00 (And yes, everything's included).

SD Camera Brace delivers cinema grade support at a fraction of the price of its competitors. Video capable DSLRs are not stable enough nor provide the features for cinema-style production. With filmmakeraccessories.com's fully adjustable SD Camera Brace you get weight, a comfortable form factor, numerous 1?" - 20 threads to mount optional accessories like batteries and wireless devices, all wrapped into one highly stylistic and modern design.  

Filmmakeraccessories.com builds on the need of new products to address the emerging shooting style brought forth by the new video capable DSLR cameras that combine ultra portability with a lightweight design. 

"The SD Camera Brace was designed for DLRS shooters who want a cinema-grade camera brace and features, but a more portable lightweight solution that fit's there budget. Unlike our competitors who simply take leftover parts and rearrange them into a different fashion we provide a truly revolutionary and innovating design and merge that together with practicality and price. No body wants to spend as much money on an accessory for their camera as they did on the actual camera. That business model is ridiculous. We provide real, cost-effective solutions to our customers." - says Jason N. sales director for filmmakeraccesories.com

The industry needs more affordable solutions that can be purchased in one package, not in pieces. filmmakeraccessories.com's new products are in the hundreds of dollars for an all in one solution. Canon is a leader in the DSLR video revolution with it's ground-breaking Canon 5D Mark II DSLR camera with full HD video, filmmakeraccessories.com's new DSLR shoulder braces is the perfect solution for use with Canon DSLR cameras, and delivers a portable, cost effective, lightweight shooting rig which will help our DSLR shooting customers achieve professional cinematic results. 

Affordability is always key with filmmakeraccessories.com's products. Unlike our competitors only offering you expensive and complicated shoulder braces, we take design and practicality to a new level on an indie filmmaker’s budget. 

The new unique shoulder pad is the foundation for SD Camera Brace configuration. It features ultra light design, unique for DSLRs to eliminate rotation, for fast transformations the custom large knob at the bottom makes switching from a tripod to handheld shooting a breeze.

Availability and Pricing: 
$249 (Everything Included)

The SD Camera Brace for DSLR's/Video Cameras is available for immediate purchase from http://www.filmmakeraccessories.com and from selected resellers. Please email me back if you are intrested in resellingour popular and new product. 

About filmmaker accessories delivers high quality cinema accessories for digital filmmakers at filmmaker prices. Filmmakeraccessories.com's products are designed to enhance DV, HD and video DSLR cameras including Panasonic, Sony, Canon, and JVC for a true cinema-style shooting experience.

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