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Who will get noticed and get more clicks from potential 
customers? You or your competition?  


When prospective customers find your online business in search 
results, you only have a few seconds to stand apart from the 
competition. By having the VeriSign(R) Trust Seal displayed with 
your business, you can get more traffic without paying top dollar 
to be placed at the top of search results. 

View this webinar, "Drive More Traffic: How Trust Can Get You 
More Clicks," and you'll learn how to: 

 - Use search engines to attract visitors
 - Increase traffic and conversion rates
 - Stand out from the competition 
 - Estimate the traffic you'll get on your site


If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-866-893-6565 
or 1-650-426-5112, option 3.


Be one of the first 200 to respond, and you'll also get an 
8GB USB flash drive.* 



To remove yourself from receiving future promotional 
mailings, please visit us at 
and update your communication preferences and user profile. 

Attn: Authentication Business Subscriber Services 
350 Ellis Street 
Mountain View, CA 94043 

View our permission marketing policy: 

*For the first 200 to respond. Recipients of the flash drive 
will be contacted by mail in 6-8 weeks. Offer expires December 
31, 2010. One 8GB USB flash drive per responder. 

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and other countries and licensed to Symantec Corporation. 

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