[ghemical-devel] Re: about versions and organizing tasks

Tommi Hassinen thassine at messi.uku.fi
Thu Apr 6 08:07:20 EDT 2006

On Wed, 5 Apr 2006, Donald Ephraim Curtis wrote:

> Geoff is right though, the easiest thing would be to say what goals we have, 
> what that will require and what branch it should go into.

The new stuff at VERSION_2_BRANCH which is not yet ported to HEAD are:

1) gamess dialog
2) constraints dialog + constraints "project view" entries
3) configuration dialog and .rc file, if we decide to add them

Essential features that I think VERSION_2_BRANCH still lacks are

1) the main menu Help/Help item cannot show help files
 	-> a) where to install the help files?
 		<PREFIX>/share/ghemical/<VERSION>/manual perhaps?
 	-> b) what is a proper way for a GTK2 application to show
 		html help files
 		- is there a HTML viewer widget?
 		- should it launch a browser application to view them?
 			- mozilla?
 			- ???

2) anything else? I don't really know other significant shortcomings.

> any chance ghemical will move to SVN sometime?  it's pretty CVS friendly and 
> it's SO much nicer.

SVN = Subversion? Not a bad idea, but I haven't ever used it yet and know 
very little of it so far. There are many useless old directories in 
the source tree, which is a good reason for a fresh start in version 
control. This is a post-v2.00-issue...

> don't take what i say too forcefull, trying to be quick and concise can sound 
> pretty rough when opinions start to fly.

No worries!  :)


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