[ghemical-devel] Moving Along

Donald Ephraim Curtis donald-curtis at uiowa.edu
Mon Apr 17 11:45:42 EDT 2006

before we can release i'm still having an issue with the OSX port. 
Basically, when you exit there is some issue with thread locking that 
makes the gtk_destroy_widget(main_window) call not actually raise the 
signal.  I'm trying to set it up to just do a single thread application 
but '--disable-threads' seems to cause some errors since the default is 
to use threads.  I think configure.ac needs some changes so that if you 
do not want threads you can disable it.

Tommi Hassinen wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Apr 2006, Donald Ephraim Curtis wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> Just wondering how it looks for release of 1.92 (2.0?).  I'd like to 
>> get the "official" release out so we can do the ports.  I've started 
>> them now but not going to officially release until it's officially out.
>> Also, here is an updated gamess_dialog.glade
> Hello,
> I have added the Help/Help menu function, and also converted the Å unit 
> into nm unit at the constraint view (so that nm is now used everywhere).
> The release candidates are here:
>     http://www.uku.fi/~thassine/tmp
> I'm ready to release them after a few days that I need for updating the 
> web pages.
> Regards,
>     Tommi

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