[ghemical-devel] OSX 10.3 / Release

Donald Ephraim Curtis donald-curtis at uiowa.edu
Wed Apr 19 15:06:51 EDT 2006

I was wondering if anyone got a chance to test the 10.3 issue.  I 
believe it's a deeper problem than something in the ghemical code, but i 
can't be positive.  I've found numerous forum posts with people having 
similar problems with the pthreads implemented in 10.3.

It looks like everything in VERSION_2_BRANCH is ready to go as far as 
I'm concerned; so i think it would be a good time to release it.  Tommi 
you said you needed a few days to post it on your website.  We can 
mirror the archives on the uiowa site.  I have the OSX port done, 
developing the Cygwin one shouldn't be too much of a headache which i'll 
probably try to work on tonight.


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