[ghemical-devel] Ghemical-2.95 is now released

Tommi Hassinen thassine at messi.uku.fi
Mon Sep 24 05:01:57 EDT 2007

Hello everybody,

after a long quiet period, I'm pleased to announce that Ghemical-2.95 is 
now released and available.

Ghemical-2.95 now depends more on separate libraries ; you need


for the computational chemistry functionality (just as before) but now you 
will need also


for the OpenGL stuff ; this new library contains the relevant OpenGL code 
and is intended to be an easily portable "platform" for OpenGL 

As I have mentioned shortly earlier, Ghemical now has a Win32-port in 
addition to the standard GTK+ application. The Win32- version is not yet 
fully functional (for example file open/save is missing) but at least it 
now exists and it will go into right direction. And what is important, it 
is distributed as an installer executable (the source code is of course at 
bioinformatics.org Subversion repository) so that the users can easily 
access at least some version of Ghemical even if they have problems with 
the compiling/installation process.



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