[ghemical-devel] [ghemical-users] Translate Ghemical

Tommi Hassinen Tommi.Hassinen at uku.fi
Fri Aug 29 03:14:36 EDT 2008

> There are problems in 2) because the dialog windows are done using libglade, and it seems to me that these libglade dialogs cannot be translated the same way as the rest of the application (because there are no source files related to those dialogs, just the .glade files).

They can indeed, no difference/

> Does anyone have any knowledge and/or experience in translating dialogs made with libglade?

You just need to list the glade files in po/POTFILES.in

> So, I'm interested in helping translate Ghemical but it's going to take some time.

I might help too, as I have already done that. It should not take so

Hello! It is good news that the problem in 2) is avoidable.
It would be great if you (since you have already done this before) could help us "get started" ; a patch with initial set of files needed + some advice about commands how to update them would save many many hours of trial-and-error type working... Let's think about these initial targets for translation:

#1 : the toolbar texts at gtk_app.cpp (a souce code example) around line 43 and forward:

GtkToggleActionEntry gtk_app::entries2[] =
        { "Draw", "MY_DRAW_ICON", tb_mousetool_labels[0], NULL, "Draw ; add atoms and bonds to the model.", (GCallback) gtk_app::maintb_tool_Draw, FALSE },
        { "Erase", "MY_ERASE_ICON", tb_mousetool_labels[1], NULL, "Erase ; remove atoms and bonds from the model.", (GCallback) gtk_app::maintb_tool_Erase, FALSE },

#2 : a glade dialog example : the geometry optimization dialog at res_gtk/gtk_geomopt_dialog.glade is a good one.

What do you like about this plan? I'm ready to work with the source files and it's easy once I have a working example #1 and I have learned the commands for updating the new (.po?) files.


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