[ghemical-users] Invoking Ghemical Windows

Tommi Hassinen thassine at messi.uku.fi
Sun Dec 9 10:37:47 EST 2007

On Sat, 8 Dec 2007, Amit wrote:

> Hello Ghemical users,
> I have installed Ghemical Windows on my WinXP, but cannot find a way to
> invoke the program. The manual and tutorial do not seem to have any


could you please specify what the version is, and where you downloaded it.

> instructions as to how to do that. I tried double-clicking the
> "ghemical.exe" icon under C:\ghemical\usr\local\bin\ , but I get the
> following message: "The application has failed to start because
> cygGL-1.dll was not found".

"cygGL" sounds like a cygwin component.



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