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Tommi Hassinen Tommi.Hassinen at uku.fi
Thu Aug 28 07:49:56 EDT 2008


The translation effort should be directed to the latest version which is 2.98 at the moment. The version 2.10 is outdated and I'm only interested in keeping it working, not improving it anymore.

The best method for translation is apparently the gettext method:


I have not yet done this, not for Ghemical nor other programs. So the code changes will take time, and one must start from the most important GUI elements:

1) toolbar buttons + menu items + tooltips etc related to them
2) dialog windows
3) possibly other texts ; Ghemical is a quite text intensive program after all, and the texts come from two sources which are the Ghemical application itself and the libghemical library which does the actual computation tasks. So I think a complete translation will take a lot of time...

There are problems in 2) because the dialog windows are done using libglade, and it seems to me that these libglade dialogs cannot be translated the same way as the rest of the application (because there are no source files related to those dialogs, just the .glade files).

Does anyone have any knowledge and/or experience in translating dialogs made with libglade?

So, I'm interested in helping translate Ghemical but it's going to take some time.


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To whom it may concern,

I am a project leader of a translation project on two languages (Macedonian and Albanian) in my country (Republic of Macedonia). The purpose of this project that my company is working on is for Ministry of Education and Science for implementing FLOSS in schools in Macedonia. Firstly I have to prepare files of Ghemical 2.10 to give to translators. So far, I haven't seen any method to translate this application, except that the docs part are in html format. I gave these files to the translators and they already started to translate. After the translation and proof-reading on these two languages is over I will contact you about how these files will be submited to the community. But the main problem <http://gambasdoc.org/help/howto/translate> remains, the translation of the GUI part of the application. So I am asking for a help, to tell me how is this part of the project maintained.

Any other recommendation or suggestion is also welcomed.

Regards, Vlado

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