[ghemical-users] Ubuntu usability

Andreas Delleske delleske at avmatsim.de
Thu Jan 29 05:10:29 EST 2009

Hi Ghemical users -

we are trying to use the Ghemical package of Ubuntu 8.4 and 8.10. on a 
64 bit AMD machine.

It shows the screen where you can place the atoms, but the screen is 
white instead of black and it only shows the atom as long as you click 
on one, the screen immediately gets white again.

It appears that is not possible to save or load a file on a remote 
location, e.g. a Samba share. Ghemical appears to use not the right file 
dialog. Even when entering something like "smb://192.168... " it fails.

This happens too when I have a link to that location on my desktop: 
Pointing Ghemical to /home/user/Desktop just doesnt see it.

Starting Ghemical from a file from a remote folder "start with 
application.. ghemical" starts with the message "file does not exist".

Do you know a solution? Unfortunately there is no FAQ...

The most interesting question: Why is there a Ubuntu package if it is 
practically unusable?

Best regards

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