[I, Librarian] Download and test I, Librarian 2.2 beta

Martin Kucej mkucej at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 13 18:18:40 EDT 2011

I, Librarian 2.2 beta is available for download. I will appreciate if you help 
to test this new release. 

This version is a major rewrite mostly of the user interface and the front-end. 
Some of the new features include:

	* new color scheme

	* faster front-end that utilizes AJAX

	* improved user interface

	* improved internet database search, including Quick Save and Flagged-item list

	* improved advanced search with the ability to save search parameters

	* added a batch upload that works from any computer, not just localhost

	* improved support for graphical abstracts

	* built-in PDF viewer with page previews, ability to search in text, and copy 

	* added discussions for each item

	* Bibtex key can now be previewed for each item

Let me know if you encounter any problems. I, Librarian will not run in  the 
obsolete Internet Explorer 6 and 7. All other browsers should work  fine. PHP 
5.1 is also not supported. Please upgrade to RHEL6, or its  derivative, if you 

A new DEB package is now available for Ubuntu, Debian, and its  derivatives. It 
installs I, Librarian into /usr/share/i-librarian/www to  conform with Debian 
policies. If you installed  into /var/www before, simply copy the library folder 
into the new  location:

sudo cp -pr /var/www/librarian/library /usr/share/i-librarian/www
Download from http://www.bioinformatics.org/librarian/downloads.php

Martin Kucej

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