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Richard.Blake rdblake at ibm.net
Sat Dec 2 20:31:27 EST 2000

Excellent. Could you please send me a
sequence from the sequence database that has 5mC residues
specified. You understand, of course, that if the complementary strand
has different numbers of methylated residues, the melting program
would be in no position to take them into account. If there is strand
bias, and the complement sequence is known, the only solution would
be to melt the sequence twice, once for each strand, and then 
average the result.

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>To: Jeff Bizzaro, Ph.D.
>From:  Christopher E. Pearson, Ph.D. (cepearson at genet.sickkids.on.ca)
>Date:  December 1, 2000
>cc: Ken Marx, Ph.D. (Kenneth_Marx at uml.edu)
>I would be more than happy to assist in any literature searching for
>parameters needed to modify the MELTSIM program.  I am quite familiar
>with the literature on the effects of CpG methylation.  Please let me
>know if you would like this.  I am convinced that such a modification to
>the program would prove useful to many laboratories especially
>considering the recently revivification into our understanding of DNA
>methylation and its role in cancer and inherited diseases.
>Christopher E. Pearson, Ph.D.
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