[meltsim] Re: DNA denaturation program

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Mon Nov 27 14:23:26 EST 2000

Dang Long wrote:
> About the source code of this project (in fact I would like to see the
> source code of Compile for now), I checked in CVS Repository of the project
> but there is nothing there.  It isn't a problem with password at all. Do I
> absolutely have to use it in Linux as in the CVS instructions?

Long, the source code for MeltSim is in FTP, not CVS.  You will find the UNIX
compressed file (gzipped tarball) here:


And, of course, "MeltSim" is a suite containing "Compile", "Melt" and
"Graph".  So, you will find the source for Compile in the tarball.

Note: WinZip should be able decompress the tarball.  If you have trouble with
it, let me know.  Also, the tarball contains only the source, not the binary

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