[meltsim] [Fwd: methylation?]

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Thu Nov 30 17:40:37 EST 2000

Dr. Blake,

This question was asked before (in our lab).  Could you provide an answer? 


> I was wondering if the Meltism program can account for melting
> differences due to meCpG status.  Methylation of C residues greatly
> increases the melting temperature of DNAs (Ehrlich,M et al., 1975,
> Biochim. biophys. Acta, 395:109-119; Collins,M. & Myers,RM 1987, J. Mol.
> Biol. 198:737-44).  If Meltism does not permit for this variation can it
> be modified?  Are there other programs that may be able to perform such
> an analyses?  Thank you in advance for your assistance on this.

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