[meltsim] Re: [Fwd: [meltsim] Information]

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Fri Dec 7 16:07:45 EST 2001

Hmm.  0.075 (or 0,075) appears to be the salt concentration.  Are you typing
0.075, 0,075 or 0?


Carla Clemente wrote:
> I also tried to create a text file filled with your DNA sequence (.seq) and
> open with Melt. But when I press begin, occurs the same error and I´m using
> English decimal notation. I tried to download the program again but didn´t
> work out.
> Another question is, the DNA buffer doesn´t have salt, so I have to write 0
> in salt concentration box. Is there any problem?

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