[Molvis-list] no chain designation

Miguel miguel at jmol.org
Mon Nov 15 16:44:00 EST 2004

Rebecca wrote:

> I've got a molecule that has a propeptide but there are no chain
> designations in the file to distinguish this part of the molecule from the
> rest. So, when selecting a region (I'm trying to select only the first 62
> amino acids that consistitute the propiece) PE selects the first 62 and
> also
> the next 62 (because the residue numbering system begins again from '1' at
> the '63rd' amino acid). Any ideas on how to get around this when no chain
> designations are provided?

I don't know what a propeptide is but ...

you could try:

  select amino & 1-62


you could try selecting by atom numbers instead of by residue numbers:

  select atomno >= 1 & atomno < 999 # or whatever your atom numbers are


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