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timothy driscoll molvisions at mac.com
Wed Nov 17 10:39:41 EST 2004

On 2004-11-16 (10:57) Frieda S. Reichsman wrote:

>On Nov 15, 2004, at 9:58 AM, Roberts, Rebecca wrote:
>>Hello -
>>I've got a molecule that has a propeptide but there are no chain
>>designations in the file to distinguish this part of the molecule
>>from the rest. So, when selecting a region (I'm trying to select
>>only the first 62 amino acids that consistitute the propiece) PE
>>selects the first 62 and also the next 62 (because the residue
>>numbering system begins again from '1' at the '63rd' amino acid).
>>Any ideas on how to get around this when no chain designations are
>>Thanks - Rebecca
>Hi Rebecca, Your attachment did not come through (attachments are
>not allowed on this list) so I cannot be sure of the format of the
>file you mention, but I believe I have encountered this type of
>problem before. My solution has been to use a text editor to select
>the lines I want to add a chain designation to, and then use Find &
>Replace within the selected text. It's pretty fast and gets you what
>you need.

(excuse my speaking for Rebecca, but I believe she is traveling at the

a good idea - except I have some inside information ;-)  Rebecca was
using the file in PE, coming straight from the PDB.  so altering the
file was not an option :-(

neither was using Jmol.


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