[Molvis-list] VEGA ZZ release

Giulio Vistoli giulio.vistoli at unimi.it
Mon Nov 22 03:19:02 EST 2004

Dear all,

We are proud to announce that the next generation of the VEGA package 
for Windows is now available (http://www.ddl.unimi.it) with new powerful 
- Introduction of the HyperDrive technology for an incredible 
computational speed (the surface calculation, for example, is about 40 
times faster).
- New graphic interface.
- Improved graphic performances (lighting engine and customizable view).
- Tube and trace visualization modes.
- Fast solid and mesh surface calculation & multiple surface management.
- Support for stereo devices and for distributed OpenGL rendering.
- MLP/Virtual logP included in the standard version.
- Add aminoacid side chain function.
- Tools to check protein structures.
- Enhanced image rendering capabilities.
- LaTex, PDF, PostScript and Encapsulated PostScript export.

The VEGA team
Alessandro Pedretti & Giulio Vistoli

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