[Molvis-list] "Exploring Protein", discovery- and Jmol- based with quizzing

Eric Martz emartz at microbio.umass.edu
Wed Nov 24 15:48:47 EST 2004

At 11/23/04, April Bednarsky (Wash U St Louis MO USA) wrote:
>Hi Eric,
>I just wanted to say that we would definitely be interested in using
>the Jmol interactive protein structure tutorial you mentioned.  We
>would actually like to use something like that for both our intro
>course and our nonmajors course.  If you would like assessment data
>from us on using the tutorial, we would also do that!  When do you
>think this would be ready for testing in classrooms?

Hi, April,

The earliest I imagine our new Jmol-based tutorial on basic protein 
structure, named "Exploring Protein (EP)", would be testable would be fall 
2005. That may be optimistic; we'll see how it goes.

In addition to having built-in quizzing, it will be discovery-based, rather 
than transmissionist in approach -- to the extent we can pull that off. We 
would be delighted to have you and others test it. I have no funding to 
test it, as my existing NSF DUE funds will be consumed in making the 
tutorial plus enhancements to Protein Explorer. I don't plan to get 
significantly involved in assessment myself, as I think my time is better 
used in development. I would be pleased if someone else applies for funding 
for assessment of Exploring Protein and/or Protein Explorer or other 
resources at MolviZ.Org, in which case I would be happy to be a consultant.

Of course, once we have something to look at, we'll make it available as a 
beta through molvis-list, and ask for feedback and/or formative assessment. 
That might be by late spring, but no promises.


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