[Molvis-list] depicting lone pair electrons in rasmol or chime

will mcclure wm0p at andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Dec 9 07:51:21 EST 2004

We use one such Chime display for water in a biochem course:
Click on the "single molecule" button.
The lone pairs are "fake atoms" in the coordinate file; they can be 
selected as "LP" under Atom in the Chime menu.

-Will McClure

--On Wednesday, December 8, 2004 7:20 PM -0800 Michael Bruist 
<m.bruist at usip.edu> wrote:

> Can electron pairs be represented in chime or rasmol?  I want to
> set up some simple molecules and depict the lone pairs.  I was
> thinking of doing it with various sizes of overlapping "virtual"
> atoms in dots mode.  Has anyone tried this?
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