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timothy driscoll molvisions at mac.com
Thu Dec 9 10:56:22 EST 2004

Hello fellow mol vis developers,

As the semester break approaches, I would like to remind everyone about our new peer-reviewed digital library for biochem and molbio resources, BioMoleculesAlive:


The library is in its infancy, with its database structure, peer review system, and user interface just completed.  Our hope is that it will quickly become the premier distribution center for high-quality, educational digital resources related to biochemistry and molecular biology.  To accomplish that, we need your help!

Specifically, we need your resources.  Your best stuff.  All of the Chime, Jmol, RasMol, SPDV, and other resources that you have developed and perfected over the months and years.  Curriculi, lecture slides, lab techniques, supplementals, compiled software, Web pages, Web sites, applets, plug-ins, perl routines - any of these are acceptable, as long as the resource meets our five basic requirements:

1. It must be digital.

2. It must work!  Technical review is the first step of the process.

3. It must be complete.  If you want to submit a series of image files, for example, please make sure they are annotated (captioned) and that they present a coherent and complete message.

4. It must be relevant to biochemistry and/or molecular biology.

5. It must be high quality, subject to peer review before publication.

In other words, we want the material that you would submit to a print journal, if such a thing existed for mol vis resources.  (Speaking of journals, we are working closely with BAMBED, JBC, and the ASBMB - see our site for more information about these partnerships.)

Registration and submission to BioMoleculesAlive are free.  Resources that pass peer review can be distributed under a variety of licencing agreements, including open-source, GPL, Creative Commons, etc., at the discretion of the owner (you, not us).

I encourage you all to visit our site <http://www.biomoleculesalive.org/>, see what we are trying to do, and then submit those quality resources that I know you all have scattered around your hard disks and Web servers!  :-)

(Note: BioMoleculesAlive is a repository, which means we host copies of your resources for download from our server.  If you have an inordinately complex and multi-faceted resource, like Protein Explorer or OMM for example, contact me offlist to discuss live linking instead.)

happy holidays,

Timothy Driscoll
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