[Molvis-list] Legacy Chime sites work in Netscape 7, etc.

Eric Martz emartz at microbio.umass.edu
Sun Jan 16 21:30:13 EST 2005

I am amazed to see for myself that tutorials built with the Chime template 
I released in 1998, such as Hemoglobin at MolviZ.Org, work perfectly in the 
current Gecko family of browsers, without modification (except for font 
sizes and font-size controls). These are Netscape 7.2, Mozilla and Firefox.

In fact, all the tutorials in the big illustrated table at the top of 
MolviZ.Org work fine, including ones with unusual structures such as DNA, 
lipid bilayers, communication between IR spectral peaks and molecular 
vibrations (jcamp), and animations saved from PE. In contrast, Internet 
Explorer will not work with these unless they are specifically adapted, 
which most have not been.

I have not yet documented the compatibility of these many tutorials with 
Netscape 7, Mozilla, and Firefox. For those whose IT support groups refuse 
to install Netscape 4.8 on campus computer lab systems, Netscape 7 provides 
a workable alternative for legacy Chime-based tutorials, scores of which 
are indexed at http://molvisindex.org.

You would just need to get the IT group to install the Chime plugin 
manually, which is a trivial process of copying a single file


Eric Martz, Professor Emeritus, Dept Microbiology
University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA US

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