[Molvis-list] Re: Problem with Protein Explorer / Wind XP Sp1 / Firefox

Eric Martz emartz at microbio.umass.edu
Fri Jan 28 13:05:08 EST 2005

Dear Nat:

FireFox starts PE 2.7 OK in Win98 (speed test works). I don't have an XP 
system at hand where I can test it. The speed test should never take more 
than 1 minute even on a slow computer.

I'm leaving for Spain today.

Here's a workaround for a downloaded copy of PE 2.7
In the file cmd2way2.htm in the folder shared:
There are two if(...) statments with the word "bypass" in the comments.
Change these to act like they do for IE now (isIE).
So the first should become
if (false) // will never do the conditional
and the second
if (true) will always do it.

This should bypass the Chime speed test for ALL browsers.
Then try FireFox on your downloaded copy.

If others have similar problems, I may do this in the public version as the 
Chime speed test has been a constant maintenance problem, is very 
complicated, and isn't worth stalling PE!


At 1/28/2005, you wrote:
>Dear Eric
>I first want to thank you for creating Protein Explorer and so generously
>making it available to the world via the web.
>I have it working fine with IE, but want to use it with Firefox so that
>Features of the Molecule will work.  (As an aside, I followed the
>instructions for creating header htm files for IE, but this didn't help.)
>In Firefox, the program gets stuck in the Chime performance test.  It
>flashes the little window and puts X's in the progress box, but doesn't seem
>to finish.  I let it run for ~20 mins.
>Here's my configuration
>Windows XP Pro SP1
>Firefox 1.0
>Chime 2.6 SP6
>I can't really tell whether all MIME types are enabled for Chime, because
>the information is not displayed by program.  It looks like CUB. GAU, MOL.
>MOP, RXN, SCR, SPT, TGF, XYZ types are being handled, but it doen't actually
>say what program is registered for each
>Succeeds on all tests:
>   Freestanding PDB
>   Freestanding SPT
>   Embedded PDB
>FrontDoor http://molvis.sdsc.edu/protexpl/frntdoor.htm
>Thanks very much,
>Nat Goodman
>Nathan (Nat) Goodman
>Senior Research Scientist
>Institute for Systems Biology
>1441 North 34th Street
>Seattle, WA 98103-8904
>206-363-0431 (fax)
>natg at shore.net

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