[Molvis-list] Re: Problem with Protein Explorer / Wind XPSp1 / Firefox

Lewis Edgel lewis.edgel at comhem.se
Sat Jan 29 15:39:17 EST 2005

You should ask for a list of all plug-ins when you encounter problems like
this. I have found rare occasions where there were problems that drove me up
the wall due to existing plugins interfering. A clean install then
installation of plugins - one at a time until the problem returned... you
can imagine how tedious it can be to first recreate someone else's problem
and then make a work-around. Good luck!

Lewis Edgel

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Dear Paul and Nat:

I now have Firefox with Chime 2.6 SP6 installed on my Windows XP Pro SP1
Dell Notebook computer.
Firefox completes the Chime speed test successfully for PE 2.7 both on-line
and downloaded, displaying the QuickView 1D66 on both cases.

So I am not seeing the stall you saw during the Chime speed tests.
Nor am I having any problems with Chime SP6, in contrast to Paul Pillot.

If others have tried PE 2.7 in Firefox (or any other Gecko browser) in a
Windows XP (SP1 or SP2) computer, I'd appreciate hearing whether there were
any problems.


At 1/29/2005, you wrote:
>I encountered a problem in running chime 2.6 SP6 in firefox with Win XP.
>The replacement of chime 2.6SP6 by a previous version as 2.6 SP4 fix that.

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