[Molvis-list] polygons

Miguel miguel at jmol.org
Thu Feb 10 13:57:04 EST 2005

> Hi everybody,
> I am a Rasmol user, and since this list is now bringing together a
> multi-software society
> I would like to ask if drawing polygons around oxygen octahedra or
> tetrahedra in various
> crystal structures (like in YBCO) is possible in any of Rasmol, Jmol,
> Chime, Protein Explorer, or else.

I have recently added rendering of polyhedrons (tetrahedrons and
octahedrons) to Jmol. They can be rendered as solid or translucent.

The code has not yet been officially released, but is currently in
prerelease test phase.

There is not much documentation either, but there are only a few commands
and it is pretty straightforward.

Check out www.jmol.org

Download the prerelease version from sourceforge at:


Then you can post specific questions on the jmol-users list. Sign up at


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