[Molvis-list] dVR Builder - a Jmol tutorial template

timothy driscoll molvisions at mac.com
Wed Apr 20 10:20:29 EDT 2005

hi all,

I have created a simple template for creating Jmol-based tutorials, called dVR Builder.  it is based loosely on the popular two-frame Chime template that was released by Eric Martz several years ago.  some features include:

frames replaced by scrollable text div and stationary Jmol div.
auto-sizing of Jmol applet based on window size.
fully customizable colors, fonts, layout, etc.
cross-browser and platform.
functional from local disk or server.
works with inline commands or script files.
free, as in free beer.

dVR Builder is currently available as a downloadable zip file:


unzip it and open the readme.txt file to get started.  all of the files are annotated as well, to help guide you.

this version is a purely javascript construct.  the basic premise is that you modify javascript variables in order to add new buttons, change appearances or layout, etc.  global settings like layout, applet size, fonts and colors are generally set in a file called config.js.  page-specific information, including buttons and navigation, are set at the top of each html page, in a clearly marked section.

any comments or suggestions appreciated!  hope someone finds it useful.


Timothy Driscoll
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