[Molvis-list] rasmol "Unable to find RasMol help file!"

Dan Bolser dmb at mrc-dunn.cam.ac.uk
Thu May 26 16:18:58 EDT 2005

On Thu, 26 May 2005, Zhenting Gao wrote:

>Hi  Dan,  =20
>If you set the RASMOLPATH like this in ".cshrc",=20
>    setenv RASMOLPATH "your_path"
>There should be no problem.
>I tried this in both linux and unix, and it is ok.
>Do be aware what shell you are using.
>If you are using bash, then the right form is=20
>    export RASMOLPATH=3D"your_path"

Thanks both for help and confirmation that the above method works on your
systems. After some further tests I finally twigged that this does not

export RASMOLPATH=3D"~/bin"

but this does...

export RASMOLPATH=3D"/home/dmb/bin"


Thanks both again,

>>Ahhh... I just found it!=20
>>"5) Install rasmol.hlp as /usr/local/lib/rasmol/rasmol.hlp (or at a=20
>> loctaion indicated by the environment variable RASMOLPATH)."=20
>>Although copying rasmol.hlp to the above location does not help, and=20
>>nither does setting $RASMOLPATH! Still "Unable to find RasMol help file!"=
>>Any suggestions?=20
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>=3D =3D =3D =3D =3D =3D =3D =3D =3D =3D =3D =3D =3D =3D =3D =3D =3D =3D =
=3D =3D     =20
>=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1     =20
>=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1     =20
>Yours sincerely,     =20
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>2005-5-26      =20
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