[Molvis-list] Molecular Movies

Herve Furstoss herve.furstoss at ac-strasbourg.fr
Wed Jun 8 12:50:39 EDT 2005

Eric Martz a écrit :

> Further, I recommend that you construct multiple-model (NMR format) 
> PDB files to represent the desired transitions, and then generate 
> animation scripts in Protein Explorer. These scripts, currently 
> adapted to work in Chime and RasMol, should be adaptable to work in 
> Jmol fairly easily.
> The advantage of a Jmol rendering of the movie is that you can rotate 
> it to see the animation from any perspective. Also it can be provided 
> with several different color schemes and renderings to highlight 
> different points.
> See Chime-based examples and methods at
> http://www.umass.edu/microbio/chime/pe/protexpl/morfdoc.htm
> (or click on Morphs at ProteinExplorer.Org).

Here you will find some examples that can give you a good idea on how it 
works in Jmol.


It is actually a prerelease version of a work integrating some 
adaptation of  Eric's mofdoc pages under Jmol.

As it is only a prerelease version, it has main but known defaults, for 
instance :
- some pages don't work well.
- information pages were not finished at that moment
- all the credits are not given to original page or original model authors.
I'm right now finishing the final and complete version with all 
corrections done.
I hope been able to publish it beginning july.


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