[Molvis-list] CHIME2Jmol

Craig T Martin ctmartin at chem.umass.edu
Thu Oct 27 09:38:32 EDT 2005


For those of you trying to convert from CHIME to Jmol, I offer the  
following modest resource:


It presents a simple form that takes HTML code containing CHIME  
instructions and tries to convert them to equivalent Jmol  
instructions (assumes the use of Jmol.js routines in your final  
page). Paste your code into input, press "Convert" and then copy the  
result from output.

This is by no means complete, but does a surprisingly good job for  
the basics of buttons, links and toggles. Definition of the applet  
window will still have to be done by hand.

If anyone wants to augment it's capabilities, feel free (but I'd love  
to hear about it!)

Craig Martin
Dept of Chemistry
Univ of Massachusetts at Amherst
ctmartin at chem.umass.edu

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