[Molvis-list] Announcing FirstGlance in Jmol

Eric Martz emartz at microbio.umass.edu
Mon Nov 21 18:05:29 EST 2005

A new, simple, browser-based tool for molecular visualization, FirstGlance 
in Jmol, is now available ( http://www.bioinformatics.org/firstglance ). 
FirstGlance is designed to be useful both to novices and to specialists. It 
works in all popular browsers and platforms, including Internet Explorer or 
Firefox on Windows, Safari on Mac OSX, and Mozilla Firefox on linux. A 
hyperlink to FirstGlance can show any PDB file in one click. It is free for 
all users, and its source code will be freely available for others to adapt.

Key views are shown via one-click links from an always-visible control 
panel: secondary structure, amino and carboxy termini, general composition, 
hydrophobic vs. polar regions (or cores, using slab mode), charges, and 
multiple models when present (NMR). Convenience buttons show or hide 
ligands or water, toggle slab mode, zoom up/down, and change the background 
color. Help about each view or operation, including color keys, appears 
automatically, and is always in view.

It was possible for me to create FirstGlance, which is a user interface to 
the Jmol java applet, only because of the outstanding efforts of the Jmol 
development team, especially Miguel Howard. I would also like to thank the 
bioinformatics.org team for providing a home for this project, especially 
Jeff Bizzaro; and Phil Bourne, Andy Sanderson, and the San Diego 
Supercomputer Center for providing a fast server.

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