[Molvis-list] Approaching deadlines - 3Dsig: Structural Bioinformatics & Computational Biophysics

3Dsig06 3Dsig06 at WEIZMANN.AC.IL
Sat Apr 29 13:51:24 EDT 2006

3Dsig: A Structural Bioinformatics and Computational Biophysics satellite
meeting of the ISMB conference will take place on August 4-5, at
Fortaleza, BRAZIL.

Active participants in 3Dsig's program and/or scientific committee
include: Phil Bourne, Steven Brenner, Wah Chiu, John Moult, Jeff Saven,
Joel Sussman and Janet Thornton.

Our May 1st DEADLINE IS APPROACHING including:

1. Call for abstracts:
Most 3Dsig oral presentations will be selected from submitted abstracts.
Unique features of 3Dsig's abstracts include:
(a)	All accepted abstract will be presented via the medium of laptop in
our well-organized and successful LAPTOP SESSION (replacing the
traditional poster session).
(b)	Abstract submission includes a 'representative figure' serving as an
icon to the abstract. In addition to the name tag, each abstract submitter
will receive a badge with the representative figure thus facilitating
informal scientific mingling.
(c)	Abstracts will be posted on the new 3Dsig discussion forum allowing
participants to engage in lively scientific discussions prior to the

2. Travel fellowship ­ We encourage students and postDocs to enjoy the
significant number of travel fellowships available by our parent ISMB
conference. Note, travel fellowships are meant for the ISMB parent

3. ISMB PLoS-track oral presentation and poster abstracts. This track
allows one to submit an abstract that may be selected for oral
presentation at ISMB while reserving first publication for another forum.
Note, this track is part of the parent ISMB organization. You may choose
to register to 3Dsig and NOT to ISMB. If you choose to attend both
meetings, you should submit the abstract to ISMB and 3Dsig separately.

Links to these approaching deadlines as well as exciting sponsorship
opportunities and information on 3Dsig's topics and format are available
at: http://3dsig.weizmann.ac.il/

Looking forward to meeting you at 3Dsig,

3Dsig committees
3Dsig: Structural Bioinformatics
& Computational Biophysics Meeting
4-5 Aug. 2006, Fortaleza, Brazil
Between the ISMB and SwissProt20 Conferences
3dsig06 [at] weizmann.ac.il 

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