[Molvis-list] Re: Molvis-list Digest, Vol 20, Issue 2

Angel Herraez angel.herraez at uah.es
Thu Jun 8 12:15:50 EDT 2006

Saar Oz wrote:

> I´m trying to work with *.ct files (RNA folding), visualization and
> converting the file to other formats, with no success.
> Any recommendations / suggestion?

Can you give more detail about this format? Where is it descibed? 
What information does it contain? Are they 3D or 2D?

> Plus, I looked for a complete list that will summarize  all molecule
> structural file formats - can´t find... anyone?

"all" will be difficult, but this is my own list:
ABINIT, ACES II, ADF (Amsterdam Density Functional), CIF/mmCIF, CML 
v2.0, CSF (Fujitsu CAChe Chemical Structure File), GAMESS, Gaussian, 
Gaussian Cube, Ghemical MM, HyperChem´s HIN, Jaguar, MDL molfiles MOL 
and SDF (V2000 and V3000), Mopac, NWChem (Pacific Northwest National 
Laboratory), PDB, multi-PDB (from NMR), Q Chem, SHELX (RES), Spartan, 
and XYZ (single and multiple frame)
  (all Jmol-compatible, many listed and hyperlinked at 
http://jmol.sourceforge.net/ )

plus these, Rasmol/Chime-compatible:
IEMBL Nucleotide Format, MDL Sketch / MDL Transportable Graphics 
File, MDL RXN, Tripos' Alchemy, Tripos' Sybyl Mol2, CHARMm 

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