[Molvis-list] New Version of Protein Explorer

emartz at nre.umass.edu emartz at nre.umass.edu
Fri Jun 23 07:26:51 EDT 2006

The free, award-winning Protein Explorer molecular visualization package is now
available in version 2.78 Beta (http://proteinexplorer.org), superceding all
previous versions.

Enhancements in this version include:

*** MolSlides can be exported to Jmol. MolSlides are rotatable, zoomable
molecular views saved as a slideshow (HTML file). They can be viewed without
Protein Explorer. They can be saved in either Jmol or Chime. When saved in Jmol,
they can be viewed in Safari/OSX or Mozilla/linux as well as with popular
browsers in Windows, without installing anything special (just java)

Once you achieve a view you like in Protein Explorer (using Chime), saving a
MolSlide is just a matter of a few clicks. The MolSlide Manager within Protein
Explorer is like a mini-PowerPoint, enabling you to add text (in any language)
to your MolSlides, re-order them, merge saved sets, etc. Here are some examples
of MolSlides in Jmol:

Creation of new MolSlides works on Windows or on an Intel Mac OSX running a
Windows subsystem (http://parallels.com), but is not supported on Mac PPC's or
linux at this time. Except for creating MolSlides, Protein Explorer does run in
Classic on Mac PPC's. 

*** The STATE of a Protein Explorer session can be saved as a MolSlide, and
restored later by importing the MolSlide and applying it to PE. You can then
resume exploration where you left off.

*** Evolutionary conservation results from the ConSurf Server
(http://consurf.tau.ac.il) can now be downloaded as a single file (modified PDB
format). This version of Protein Explorer knows how to display such ConSurf
files, with the ConSurf control panel, just as though you were displaying the
result from the ConSurf Server. But the saved results can be displayed after
they have been deleted from the Server, and displayed off-line if you download
Protein Explorer. Examples of such saved ConSurf results are here:

Some key documents were updated, and some bugs were fixed.

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