[Molvis-list] Molecular Modeling and Visualization Curriculum Developer

Keith Donaldson keith.donaldson at molysym.com
Sat Jul 21 22:36:25 EDT 2007

MolySym is an MIT start-up developing a digital manipulative for molecular
modeling and visualization in high school chemistry classes. We are
retooling the standard "ball and stick" molecular modeling kit by
incorporating electronics, which enable it to interface with computer
models, to create a hyper molecular modeling system.

The digitally enhanced model provides a powerful, intuitive interface for
manipulating the computer models, streamlining the interface between human
intent, the physical model, and the computational activity. It allows
chemistry to be taught better by providing more intuitive and powerful tools
for investigating, interpreting, explaining, visualizing and discovering
molecular phenomena.

We were recently awarded a grant from the Department of Education to test
the manipulative in the classroom and are in need of someone who can help us
develop several lesson plans. This is a consulting opportunity that could
lead to a full time position.

In addition to a resume or CV, all interested applicants should propose at
least one self-guided inquiry-based lesson plan (essentially a WebQuest) via
email. A cover letter is not necessary.  The proposals should include:

* Overview
* Standards
* Content Objectives -- Students will know that ...
* Process Objectives -- Students will be able to ...
* Assessment Strategies

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