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The journal "Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 
Education" (BAMBEd) is the official education 
journal of the International Union of 
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB), of 
which the American Society of BMB (ASBMB) is a 
member. This journal is rich with lesson plans 
for wet and computational biochemistry student 
lab experiments, book reviews, opinion, history, 
ethics, and problem-based active learning 
pedagogy. There are also songs and poetry (some 
with mnemonics). At its website, 
http://bambed.org, you will now find all issues 
from July 2000 through December 2006 online and 
searchable, free. (Access to the current two years requires a subscription.)

A few articles from 2006 that may whet your appetite:

Biomolecules in the computer: Jmol to the rescue. Angel Herráez, July 2006:

EZ-Viz, a tool for simplifying molecular viewing 
in PyMOL, Grell, Parkin, Slatest and Craig, November 2006:

Tactile teaching: Exploring protein 
structure/function using physical models. Herman, 
Morris, Colgon, Batiza, Patrick, Franzen, Goodsell. July 2006:

Microarrays for undergraduate classes. Hancock, 
Nguyen, Denyer, Johnston, Nov. 2006:

The yeast two-hybrid system (a problem-based 
learning test with answers and explanation), József Szeberényi, July 2006:

HPV vaccine development: A case study of 
prevention and politics, Janelle L. Grimes, March 2006:

Screen capture on the fly: Combining molecular 
visualization and a tablet PC in the biochemistry 
lecture, James R. Cox, January 2006:

Faux mutagenesis: Teaching troubleshooting 
through controlled failure, Yahsa Hartberg, January 2006:

If you notice other gems likely to be of wide interest, please share them!


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