[Molvis-list] MollyCule: New Mac/Windows/Linux freeware molecular visualisation package for kids/students. http://mollycule.org

Graeme Bell mollymail2009 at mollycule.org
Thu Aug 20 16:34:56 EDT 2009

New free software:        MollyCule       http://mollycule.org

Dear list members,

I have provided a new molecular visualisation program for free  
download and use.

The program is called "MollyCule".  You can read about it and download  
it at:


MollyCule is designed for use by schoolchildren and students rather  
than researchers, though it may be useful for lectures or poster  

It features an easy-to-use 'point and go' approach to viewing  
molecules as well as many other features intended to make presentation  
and visualisation straightforward and easy. Controls are designed to  
be simple and intuitive; e.g. program parameters are kept onscreen at  
all times, rather than accessed via program menus, and take the form  
of sliders and buttons rather than text/numerical entries. This is  
intended to encourage people to 'play around' with visualisation to  
find the viewpoint they're looking for.

Within 2 mouse clicks, anyone can be flying along a real-time animated  
3-D tour of a molecule, and taking photos of what they find along the  
way - it's that simple.

MollyCule uses Java and Java3D, and packages are provided for MacOS,  
Windows and Linux. If you use MacOS, you can run the program  
immediately without installing any other software. If you use windows/ 
linux, please install Java and Java3D as the instructions indicate.

 From a programming perspective, MollyCule has a loosely coupled  
reflective plugin system. This means that almost every aspect of the  
program can be replaced or customised by anyone - even the GUI. New  
features and plugins can be easily implemented and distributed  
independently from the main program.

I hope you like MollyCule and find it useful. Please send me an email  
if you have any thoughts or suggestions about the program. I will add  
a user guide and programming guide to the site in the next month or two.

If you know of anyone else who might find this program interesting or  
useful, I would be grateful if you could let them know about MollyCule  
or forward this message to them. If you maintain a list of 3-D  
molecular visualisation software, I would be very grateful if you  
could consider adding a link to MollyCule within your page.

Thanks for your time, and have fun!


Graeme Bell
(presently unaffiliated)
Castlewellan, Co. Down, UK

<a href="http://mollycule.org">Mollycule.org</A>

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