[Molvis-list] How does previous JMol version 10 compare to the current one?

Angel Herráez angel.herraez at uah.es
Mon Jun 28 03:31:32 EDT 2010

Hi Christoph,

There's been a lot of improvement between Jmol 10 and 
11 (soon becoming v.12)

> In particular I was wondering whether version 11 can load more
> than one protein like Pymol or VMD.

Certainly!   Use 
   load append "filename"
   load files "filename1" "filename2" "filename3"

(see the online documentation for more details)

> What improvements would version 12 provide over 10 for STRAP? Is
> it worth the effort to do the update now or should I wait for the next
> version? I think that version 10 is already very impressive, is extremely
> fast, stable and has excellent rendering.

There have beeing many things. You nay need to adjust a few of your existing 
commands to account for a few changes of defaults (really very few). We can 
help with that.  You get many new features, hard to list them here.
The applet file size has grown, obviously

You better post in the jmol-users list with your specific questions. We'll happily 
give you a hand.

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