[Molvis-list] Program announcement and call for participants: ChemAxon's US UGM: September 14-15, Boston, MA

Alex Allardyce aa at chemaxon.hu
Thu Jul 15 14:22:47 EDT 2010

  Please excuse cross postings.

The program is now available for ChemAxon's 2010 US User Group Meeting 
which will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday September 14-15 at the Omni 
Parker House, Downtown Boston. The meeting will preceded by a end user & 
developer training day on September 13th and followed by a Markush Forum 
on the morning of September 16th.

Program: http://www.chemaxon.com/events/2010-us-ugm/#program

The meeting will feature presentations from ChemAxon users, introduce a 
focus session on* SharePoint*, lightning presentations/exhibition from 
ChemAxon Partners and the latest updates on product developments.

Preceding the meeting will be a dual track developer and end user 
Training Day on May 18th. To see the topics and schedule visit:

    * Developer Training Day:
    * End user: Application Focus Training Day:

Following the UGM we have the first meeting of the *Markush Forum*, an 
open morning for interested organizations (users and content developers) 
to participate in the further development of ChemAxon's tools for 
Markush structure enumeration and search. More information here: 

To find out more about the meeting , register or submit a poster 
abstract (open until September 6th) and view the program, please visit: 
http://www.chemaxon.com/events/2010-eugm/. To review the archives of 
previous meetings, including original presentations (slides and video) 
and meeting reports from Yvonne Martin and Wendy Warr visit: 
http://www.chemaxon.com/library/ugm-presentations/. Yvonne Martin's 
meeting report from San Diego 2009 is here 

We hope you can join us for a very interesting event.


Selected user presentations:

    * Evaluation of pKa Estimation Methods on 211 Druglike Compounds.  
      Joann Prescott Roy, AstraZeneca
    * A Robotic Chemistry System for the Discovery of Cancer-Specific
      Targeting Ligands. John Frangioni, Harvard Medical School
    * Migrating Chemical Toolkits. Dan Durkin, Broad Institute
    * 2004-2010 - 6 years of using ChemAxon tools at Evotec. Ian Berry,
      Evotec (UK) Ltd
    * Chemical-text hybrid search engines. Yingyao Zhou, GNF
    * Implementation of ChemAxon in a SOA environment, Brett Hiemenz,
    * Helium: An EXCEL based User Tool for SAR analysis. Charles
      Wilkins, GlaxoSmithKline
    * Using J Chem Base - in a  Db 2  environment & no chemical
      cartridge. Stephen Boyer, IBM Research
    * logD comparison with in-house data. Yvonne Martin, Martin Associates
    * Structure-based approaches to the indexing and retrieval of patent
      chemistry. Don Walter, Thomson Reuters
    * Fast flexible search in ZINC. John Irwin, University of California
      San Francisco

ChemAxon Partners participants (tbc) - see partner listing here: 
*Alex Allardyce*
Marketing Dir.
*ChemAxon* *Ltd*.
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Tel: +361 453 0435
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