[Molvis-list] New software tool RINalyzer for protein structure-function analysis

Mario Albrecht info at mario-albrecht.de
Thu May 19 08:45:17 EDT 2011

Dear colleagues,

RINalyzer allows the interactive analysis and visualization
of residue interaction networks (RINs) derived from
3D protein structures. For each RIN loaded into the
network visualization software Cytoscape, the corresponding
molecular 3D structure is displayed simultaneously in UCSF Chimera.

RINalyzer provides a number of valuable methods to identify
structurally and functionally important protein residues and
to explore the impact of residue substitutions. RINalyzer also
computes a comprehensive set of weighted network centrality
measures and supports the comparison of protein structures.

In addition, the command-line tool RINerator can be used
to generate RINs from protein structures in the PDB.
Precomputed RINs are available for download from RINdata.

RINalyzer works as plugin with Cytoscape 2.7.x and 2.8.x.

Further information and video tutorials can be found at:

Press release:

Please use the following reference for citing our work:

Doncheva, N.T., Klein, K., Domingues, F.S., Albrecht, M. (2011)
Analyzing and visualizing residue networks of protein structures.
Trends in Biochemical Sciences, 36(4):179-182.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions,
do not hesitate to contact us:
rinalyzer [at] mpi-inf [dot] mpg [dot] de.

Kind regards,

Nadezhda Doncheva
Francisco Domingues
Mario Albrecht

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